Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Review Wool Book

Review Wool Book
I am a long time science fiction reader and have read many wonderful stories that are based on science, technology, engineering and math. A few years ago I purchased a Kindle and it has opened up opportunities for me to read more with less effort and at less expense. I now have over two hundred science fiction books listed in my archives. Four days ago, I purchased the Wool Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey. I finished it about an hour ago. This is the first review that I have ever been inspired to write about any book.

Some reviewers say that they cannot put a book down, once they get started into it. I have not understood this compulsion until last night, for the first time I had a hard time sleeping. I stopped reading sometime after midnight at a point in the book that left me anxious about the main character and was unwilling to disturb my wife by turning the light on or getting out of bed to pick up where I had left off. It takes a powerful piece of work to make me worry over what I know is fiction.

One small note to other authors that might be reading this review, part of what makes Wool a joy to read is the lack of grammatical and spelling errors of so many of the self published books. It is an extreme annoyance and distraction to me to read sentences in a book that I must stop, and reread substituting words that I think the author meant to understand the idea being communicated. Please take the time, your time or the time of others, to critically review your writing and fix these sentences that act as stumbling blocks for the reader on the journey you want to share with them. I and suspect many other readers would be willing to pay more for a book without grammatical and spelling errors.

I suspect this collection of a continuing story is going to become a classic. For many years now I have read and reread Foundation by Isaac Asimov and Dune by Frank Herbert along with other classics. This omnibus has the same deep commitment to the development of the characters and their feelings as they are caught up in a series of events that shape their future in an uplifting way from darker times. It is not complicated by a large cast of characters, like some series feel is necessary, but the few characters it does have are intertwined with one another and others in their society in a common journey through their lives.

I would highly recommend this to others, because I am sure that I will be rereading this story again and again.

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